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Today, deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmeran, is going further into the digital space with his next NFT package, head5. These new electronic offerings are a collaboration between Zimmerman and his long-time designer of tour visuals, Nick denBoer.

The head5 collection is, as one may expect, a collection of different virtual mau5 helmets. Since Zimmerman started making music, the infamous mau5head has become a cornerstone of his brand. So much so that fans all over the world design their own versions and wear them to deadmau5 shows, Halloween parties, and beyond.

Each helmet is broken into four categories: skulls, eyes, mouths, and ears. Many of the helmets exist as random combinations of the four pieces, but a few lucky purchasers will get a helmet of four consistent parts. In addition, with these NFTs, fans can own have their avatars can wear them in over 450 digital and metaverse spaces.

“I’ve been collaborating with Joel for over six years on tour visuals and music videos. I’ve made many crazy iterations of his iconic mau5 head from dancing farm animals to 26-eyed aliens, but never at this scale. 5555 head5 is a real army of freaks that I hope his fans get a kick out of collecting and wearing in the metaverse.” -Nick denBoer

The head5 collection is on sale right now. Click here to connect your wallet and claim your virtual piece of art.

Featured image by Rukes

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By: Harry Levin
Title: deadmau5 Is Dropping A New NFT Project Today Called head5
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Published Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 21:03:34 +0000

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