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A tipster, Jon Prosser tweeted 4 names that could possibly be Google‘s new Pixel Buds Pro colors. Those names are Real Red, Carbon, Limoncello, and Fog. All colors that suit the infamous Google color pallet and style. This generation of Pixel Buds would follow in the foot steps of the Google Pixel Buds A-Series, a more affordable form of the Pixel Buds. They include bass-boosted speakers, call-noise reduction, fast-charge, and many other beneficial features. Google even installs a Google assistant that can translate back in 40 languages.

Even more Google Pixel Buds Pro news

These new and improved Pixel Buds Pro are rumored to have noise cancellation properties. In addition, Mishaal Rahman, A tech journalist also tweeted about possible spatial audio + head tracking support in the Android 13. Also, We can expect for the new earbuds to come with better battery to charge ratio and bluetooth connectivity. These would all be major upgrades since the 2020 version of the Google Pixel buds. Even though these are all word of mouth, we will for sure know after Google’s I/O event. So if you’re thinking about the new Pixel Buds Pro you should start saving.

Google I/O

Google is opening up about all their new toys and updates during Google’s I/O 2022. That is Google’s event for new updates and product announcements. It is set to go live May 11th, 2022. The new Pixel Buds wont be the only thing announced. There is a Pixel6a that might be a cheaper option to the Pixel6 series. There is also rumors of the new Pixel watch. Even if these announcements are future release dates it will be very informal. Who knows? maybe Google will surpass apple in it’s smart products. Stay tuned to find out what’s next in the world of Google. I’ve included a link to the Google I/O waiting room so you don’t have to find it.

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Title: Google’s Pixel Buds Pro Colors and Google I/O 2022
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Published Date: Thu, 12 May 2022 22:55:27 +0000

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