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By now, it’s quite clear that Hardwell intends to take us on a new trip for 2022. The return of the DJ dubbed as ‘The King of Big Room’ has brought forward a new sound that brings together the essence of Big Room with the sobriety and simplicity of techno. Today, Hardwell released his new track ‘Black Magic’. It follows the same storyline the dutch producer has dived into, and, if you’ve liked it so far, I’m sure ‘Black Magic’ is what you need to start your Friday.

Hardwell is back with yet another banger titled 'Black Magic'

Techno or Dubstep? House or Hardstyle? Trance or Drum n Bass? The best part of diving into the world of dance music is the vast catalog of genres, subgenres, fusions, and remakes you’ll find. This year, however, might end up being known as the year we saw the underground overtake the mainstream.

Hardwell has brought to light what we all knew but quite never assimilated. Just as we did, the projects, artists, and labels that spent the last decade with us have also grown up. It’s difficult to assimilate that the projects that ruled the era known as “the golden era of EDM” have also developed and grown into projects that fit today’s scene.

Black Magic

Keeping this in mind, what should you expect when you listen to ‘Black Magic’? Hardwell’s new track is yet again, a fusion between Big Room and Techno. Hardwell proves that he’s a creative producer, no matter the genre you throw at him. He’s evolved his sound, a sound that was just not as ‘big’ as it was 6 years back. He took that sound, and rebuilt it, borrowing some pieces from today’s sounds. As result, warehouses meet big stages.

Stream ‘Black Magic by Hardwell out everywhere below now!

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By: Sebastian Flores Chong
Title: Hardwell Releases New Track ‘Black Magic’ And They Just Keep Getting Better
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Published Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2022 23:39:53 +0000

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