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Any news surrounding Beyoncé is guaranteed to turn heads, and the latest piece of news involves none other than the Chicago house music legend, Honey Dijon.

The term “news” may actually be a bit forward. This is more of a rumor, but it’s an exciting rumor nonetheless. Prominent journalist Gregory Ellwood recently tweeted that he heard Honey Dijon produced two tracks on Beyoncé’s upcoming album, one of which has a music video attached. Read the full tweet below:

The new Beyoncé  album, referred to only as B7 in current discourse, hasn’t been confirmed yet, and so the idea that two tracks from Honey Dijon will be included is even more nebulous. However, Beyoncé is known for empowering fellow Black and female artists and to echo Ellwood’s tweet, a “Beyoncé house music era” would be very welcome.

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By: Harry Levin
Title: Honey Dijon May Be Working On The New Beyoncé Album
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Published Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2022 17:49:51 +0000

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