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Continuing his Escapism LP rollout, Oregon-based producer, outdoorsman, and storyteller RIP Kenny returns with his unorthodox electronic style by blending heavy rock and glitches of dubstep on his new single “Thought I Knew You.”

Dedicated to the art of narration via sound, RIP Kenny is inspired by the violent, beautiful, and unapologetic mountain landscapes of his hometown in Bend, Oregon. Synthesizing the identity of mother nature with the unifying essence of music itself, “Thought I Knew You” is a hardcore listen with melodic channels and a powerful mantra. The track boasts his haunting vocals as they linger and shift atop metal-inspired cadences and static reverb.

Speaking on the track RIP Kenny says, “‘Thought I Knew You’ is a record that embodies the raw, the gritty, the hurt. It’s funny how with this one the blend of rock and electronic unintentionally fused into such a cohesive package — it just ended up that way, writing by feel for this section of the album’s story. Its sonic aesthetic just fits. On the surface a simple meaning of distrust — but beneath lies an ocean of betrayal, deals with devils unspoken.”

RIP Kenny – Thought I Knew You | Stream

‘LISTEN: RIP Kenny Drops Gritty Punk Track “Thought I Knew You”

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By: Hunter Thompson
Title: LISTEN: RIP Kenny Drops Gritty Punk Track “Thought I Knew You”
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Published Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2022 16:58:16 +0000

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