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San Holo opened for Jai Wolf at Red Rocks this last Wednesday and it was absolutely magical. With feel-good music that tickled the soul and brightly colored lasers and lights, it felt like being on Cloud 9.

San Holo, real name Sander van Dijck, played a set that focused primarily on his most recent album ‘bb u ok?’, which turned 1-year old last week. Although the album tends to have melancholic lyrics and energy, the crowd was dancing, singing, and finding comfort in friends’ hugs throughout the set. Singing along to these songs felt like catching up with an old friend on a sunny day that leaves you feeling whole and happy. Dijck did a fantastic job of breaking up the sadder songs with some more upbeat, dubstep-style drops. And, of course, he played a couple of different versions of his most popular song ‘Light’, including an acoustic version. Artist Chet Porter joined Dijck on stage which was also an unexpected special treat. Dijck left the crowd in such good spirits and was a perfect act to have leading up to Jai Wolf.

Photo credit to Instagram: ronnieloyd

Jai Wolf, real name Sajeeb Saha, closed Red Rocks spectacularly. Saha posted Tik Toks prior to the show stating how excited he was to play and how proud he was to be the first person from Bangladesh to sell out Red Rocks. If you’ve never seen Jai Wolf live, it is quite the show. Saha uses a production keyboard on stage to produce the musical and whimsical sounds of his songs. It was amazing and inspiring to watch him create his music live on stage. One of his closing songs was his hit ‘Indian Summer’ and he played the hell out of that song. Most of the crowd was left speechless and open-mouthed after the song, which included insane rainbow-colored lasers that synched up to the beat drops. Overall the show was heartfelt and refreshing, which was perfect for the long summer night.

Photo credit to Instagram: haleyIan

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By: Kaitlyn Katuscak
Title: Review: San Holo x Jai Wolf Take On Red Rocks
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Published Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 20:42:02 +0000

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