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To start of 2022, Richard Durand has released his album, Reactivate. Since his ‘Always The Sun’ debut, swiftly followed by 2012’s ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘Richard Durand Versus The World’ the following year, the Dutchman has taken a more measured approach to the long-player release.

Throughout these last years, we have seen Richard Durand become a major powerhouse in trance. Especially ‘The Air We Breathe’ in 2018 ended a six-year interlude, and it’s been a further four to where we stand today. That, specifically, is the release of Reactivate, his consummate fifth LP, which released on Jan 28. Unlike some contemporaries, Richard has fundamentally re-designed his sound to mirror world events. His consensus was that – even had he wanted to, something less floor-centric simply wouldn’t have been him.

Durand’s toughly propellant tones have been hard-coded into his productions ever since he took the decision to depart the In Search Of Sunrise series. Having completed Reactivate in early December, its release window fell naturally into the New Year and its title says much of Richard’s hopes for 2022. Regarding the beginning of this year, the DJ and producer comments.

The world’s not where it was twelve months ago and in another twelve, we’re not going to be where we are today”. So I decided that, instead of looking back, I was going to look forward, and into the full stretch of 2022. This is an album that’s stands ready, poised for that time when the global order to dance is given again.” 

The album comse with some incredible collaborations with Christian Burns and Christina Novelli. Emotionally, ‘My Guiding Light’ generates the uplift, while ‘Made Of Stone’ that follows it – and features singer-songwriter Sarah De Warren – adds lyrical resolve. With the inclusion of his recent debut team-up with HALIENE (on the Beatport #1 ‘Give Your Heart A Home’), Reactivate’s needle begins to swing, and the album increases its instrumental presence with the ethereally natured ‘Tales Of A Silhouette’.

Reactivate is an LP born out of hope. Every clubber has either had, or is going to get that moment when belief turning to reality. I had mine at Dreamstate back in November of 2021. Unlocking some tracks from this album there for the first time was about as uplifting and belief-bringing moment as I had last year. It finally allowed me to see, not where we’ve been, but where we’re going. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and growing brighter all the time.”

You can listen to Richard Durand-Reactivate album below!

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By: Nancy Gomez
Title: Richard Durand Unveils Outstanding Reactivate Album
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Published Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2022 23:45:12 +0000

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