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Swedish House Mafia and IKEA just revealed their first collaborative product, the FRAKTA bag. This follows their announced partnership back in September last year. After a few festivals and an album release, they give us three versions of the IKEA FRAKTA bag. What’s more, their edition aims to help music creators with a cable bag, laptop bag, and large bag for vinyl records. In addition, it’s made of the signature material known to IKEA with the trio’s added flair.

“FRAKTA is one of those IKEA classics that everyone has. We wanted to do our take on it from a music creation perspective depending what type of gear you carry with you on the go. Our different takes on the bag are themes shared for the whole collection. All items in the collection have a timeless theme with a distinct trace of our DNA.”

Swedish House Mafia

Now, from the photos below, you can see their functionality. Each cable has its own spot, while the large bag can be used to haul anything. It looks like it fits quite a few vinyl records as well. The laptop bag has a crossbody strap and a top closure resembling a book bag.

In-house designer, Friso Wiersma, grew up with music. Punk rock and pop bands with vocals steered his childhood and adolescence. This bag aims to make it easier for music creatives to tap into their potential in the comfort of their own homes.

It had been a dream for the guys to make a FRAKTA, but they wanted to add something more to it. Talking about functionality and how they would use it in their daily life, it became clear that we wanted to solve different problems. [And] that we couldn’t do it all in just one bag style.” 

Friso Wiersma

Check out the making of the bag here.

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By: Nina Chiang
Title: Swedish House Mafia and IKEA Reveal First Collab Products
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Published Date: Thu, 26 May 2022 17:23:20 +0000

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