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Thailand Cannabis

Phuket, Bangkok, Phi Phi Beach: all the pretty places that Westerners like to hit and spark a doobie. Well, things might be changing for the benefit of those who like a good banana pancake on the trail.

The Thailand Food and Drug Administration suggested today to their Narcotic Control Board to remove Marijuana from its list of banned substances. The country’s health minister also needs to give a final stamp of approval.

If successful, this would decriminalize cannabis and end jail terms and large fines for possession. The current penalty is 15 years in prison for possession. Thailand would be the first country in South East Asia to decriminalize this substance. 

Medical and Cosmetic Cannabis has been legal in Thailand since 2018. They allow for up to six plants for personal use. Additionally, cannabis is available for purchase at registered Thai stores. Thailand has also lead the charge for South East Asian countries in this regard as well. 

Thailand also recently decriminalized an herb called Kratom, which is known to have opiate and stimulant qualities. Stay careful, and make good decisions y’all.

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By: Stephen Jabaut
Title: Thailand To Decriminalize Cannabis
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Published Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 16:04:41 +0000

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