ANNA Launches Free Single ‘Forgotten’

The Brazilian techno talent ANNA has released a new free single called ‘Forgotten‘ a special request for many people since the moment she played this track. This track is typically tough for the producer and DJ. It marries solid drums with atmospheric harmonies, creating a deep but driving workout aimed squarely at the floor but packing plenty of detail.

ANNA recently shared a techno-ambient release called ‘Journey To The Underworld‘ EP. Now she presents ‘Forgotten‘, a track with more techno and party sounds. It’s upbeat and refreshing. Featuring strong synths, quick beats, and a happy vibe that manages to amplify as the song increases.

ANNA Forgotten

The theme shows why we love so much ANNA and dark techno in general. At the same time, with the melodic and happy ambient, we have a hard, steady rhythm. The track in some parts mixes industrial techno sounds with lovely elements. The drop is sharp and intense, making the song an absolute must for this winter and spring afterparties.

“Since the first time I played this track, I got so many Track ID requests! Today is a powerful day, and I wanna make this track available to all of you for free as a gratitude gesture! Play it, enjoy it, dance to it as many times as you want! Love you all!”


You can listen to ‘Forgotten’ below!

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By: Nancy Gomez
Title: ANNA Launches Free Single ‘Forgotten’
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Published Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2022 06:18:19 +0000

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