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I have been attending North Coast Music Festival for many years, but this year was different. This year, I brought my mom as a birthday gift! I asked my mom a couple of months prior if she would be interested in coming with me as something different for her birthday. There was no hesitation, and we started planning the artists to see.


My mom has been to many festivals, including EDM festivals, but I wanted to get everything ready so she could let go and enjoy herself.

She saw me prepping my cameras, getting them ready for the event, and asking if I was bringing them both. 

She had always wanted to try photography and knew where this was going. I told her I was and that I could teach her how to use it so she could run around and have a great time, and boy, did she!


Friday was Day 1, and after getting out of work, my mom donned her wide-brim hat, and we set off to Seat Geek Stadium. We arrived in time to catch BLOND:ISH and show her around before catching some of Zomboy’s and Jauz’s set at The Stadium stage.

Dubstep isn’t her favorite genre, but she knows it’s mine and knew my group was there. So we trekked up and down those stairs, bought my mom a margarita, and looked for my group. I was also lucky to have some of my closest friends in attendance. Everyone greeted my mom with a hug – we were all so excited for her to be there.

With a camera in her hand, she wandered around, taking pictures with a grin stretched from ear to ear. She was living her best life!

She had never seen Jauz but always wanted to. His set never disappoints! He played classics like “Feel the Volume” and “Rock the Party,” delivering an exhilarating, dance-filled performance. Towards the end, a special guest decided to make an appearance! The one and only Marshmello took the stage to celebrate Jauz’s 30th birthday. Together with the festival and the surprise appearance of Marshmello, Jauz undoubtedly takes the award for the best birthday celebration.

By this time, we wandered more and caught a little of Duke Dumont’s and Liquid Stranger’s set before heading home. It was our earlier night, but we had two full days still!


Transitioning into the festival’s second day, things were heating up, including the nearly 90-degree forecast. We were running a little behind, had a goal to check out as many stages and artists as possible, and the layout of North Coast makes this easy to do as attendees can easily wander from stage to stage as they are close enough that it is super easy to navigate.

We ran a little late but made it in time for INZO’s return to the festival. After vibing there, we met up with Sherm for a quick interview. My mom had so much fun helping me with the interview, asking questions, and taking photos.

From there, it was time to check out another Chicago local, Zoska, who was at the fire pit. The Fire Pit is a geometric dome with flames shooting out instantly, making it 10 degrees hotter. But it didn’t matter because Zoska was throwing down!

After we had some conflicting set times, my mom wanted to check out Elderbrook, but as an avid BTSM fan, I was having a hard time not seeing their set even though I am to see them in October at Red Rocks. So we compromised. I will walk my mom over to the set, get a meeting point, and run over to at least take photos and back.

I walked my mom over to the newest stage, The Shipyard for Elderbrook, met a meeting place, took off to The Stadium, and tackled the stairs again in my platforms. After grabbing some photos, I returned to meet at the Shipyard Stage.

This new stage was creatively constructed from shipping containers and minimal LED screens that cast a moody atmosphere once night fell and was a perfect setting for the chill, hypnotic vibes of Elderbrook, and we stayed all through Lane 8. My mom was absolutely ecstatic about the whole night. We were in our own little world at his set. Dancing, swaying, eyes closed, and vibing. Lane 8 was a perfect way to end the night! A fantastic show and experience was basking in it!!

However, it wasn’t quite over yet.

We got home. I made my mom some fries and continued my night at Sound Bar for a secret Black Tiger Sex Machine set!



We arrived, and the heat was real! Today was the day to take our time to decompress and show her the Chill Dome, which was air-conditioned. We laid down and relaxed, watching the lasers around us, not realizing we had made it on time for a special INZO house set.

After we cooled down and relaxed, it was time to brave the heat for Evan Giia at The Stadium. As the day progressed, so did the heat, hitting a high of 96 degrees. People at the rail were struggling and trying to remain cool as the sun beat down. Crew members were handing out free water to coasties and spraying them with a sprinkler, with their permission, of course.

Before heading to the next stage/artist, we grabbed some pizza and relaxed in the bleachers. Once, my mom asked, “What’s next?”

We went to 
Kyle Watson and then to The Vega stage for  NGHTMRE and Big Gigantic. The improvements made to the stage to include 600,000 watts of sound on top of now being a souring 50 feet high and 200 feet wide definitely took the stage production to the next level.

We briefly split up again as I had been dying to see A Hundred Drums, and she wanted to see Chris Lake

We ended the evening with Flume at The Stadium. I couldn’t think of a more blissful and heart-warming way to end such a memorable weekend of music.

My mom had the most amazing time, running around, taking photos, and listening to great music. She kept saying this was the BEST birthday gift she’s had and could not stop talking about the amazing weekend ALL the way home!

I have been to shows with my mom before, but this time was truly special and created an unforgettable experience.

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