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BeatsCloZee’s ‘Microworlds’ Tour Wraps Up Successfully

CloZee’s ‘Microworlds’ Tour Wraps Up Successfully

Eye-opening and all-entrancing French producer CloZee, aka Chloé Herry, hit the road this fall in support of her newest album, Microworlds.

CloZee’s sound has become synonymous with harmony and higher-self in the EDM community, boasting messages of self-acceptance and encouraging listeners and loved ones to be grounded together in the moment.

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When it comes to tour Herry said in a press release, “One of my favorite things about writing a new album is to tour with it and present the journey to an audience. When I play the songs live, new dimensions, new memories and experiences are created, for the listeners and for myself. I can’t wait to connect with the fans through this new audio-visual adventure”

CloZee herself has become such a headstrong icon in the scene, not only being one of few female headliners but also a member and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community.

During this most recent tour, CloZee partnered with Good Night Out Campaign, an organization whose mission is to create safer and more accountable music, arts, and cultural spaces; something that’s especially important to women and minority groups.

CloZee’s dedication to inclusivity and providing safe spaces for fans is nothing short of admirable.

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Throughout the tour, the producer visited 30 different North American cities over 45 distinct dates, marking her biggest headlining tour yet.

Joining her on the adventure was Atlanta-based electro-soul producer Daily Bread. Other support, varying by city, included CANVAS, Chmura, Daggz, Dreamers Delight, HEYZ, Josh Teed, LYNY, Mfinity, Saturna, Super Future, 9theory, and INZO.

During the performance, CloZee led the audience on a sensory journey across time, space, and dimensions, encouraging listeners to connect with their inner selves and embrace a sense of liberation.

A sneak peek of an upcoming ID featuring the psychedelic sounds of LSDREAM heightened the experience to new levels. The recent unveiling of PSYRYN, an exclusive project between CloZee and LSDREAM, propelled excitement and anticipation around the new novel track.

The tour was filled with high vibrations, immaculate love for each other and, of course, rainbow lasers.

Featured image courtesy of gnarlymedia.

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