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EDM Life cool girl island – ocean potion

 cool girl island – ocean potion

Cool Girl Island, a unique musical figure whose background stretches from the serene suburbs of California to the energetic streets of Taipei, proudly announces her newest single, “Ocean Potion.” This artist’s upbringing, immersed in a mix of cultures, instilled in her a deep love for music early on. Her sound, influenced by the eclectic vibes of the 90s, 00s, 2 step, and garage club scenes, has developed into something truly unique, challenging traditional genre boundaries.

Cool Girl Island describes her music-making process as akin to therapeutic journaling, embracing the authenticity of the moment, even when it ventures into the absurd. Her latest work, “Ocean Potion,” stands as a heartfelt exploration of young love’s exhilarating and vulnerable stages. This track, infused with the vibrant energy of garage beats, captures the essence of new romance’s intoxicating whirlwind.

Explaining the inspiration behind the single, Cool Girl Island says, “The concept of ‘Ocean Potion’ was envisioned as a love letter sealed in a bottle, floating across the sea. It’s about the intoxicating rush at the start of a relationship, a sensation both ephemeral and profound. I aim for this song to serve as a time capsule for my youth.”

“Ocean Potion” promises to take listeners back to the times of uninhibited joy and the poignant moments of growing up, through its compelling beats and sincere lyrics, encapsulating the fleeting yet unforgettable experience of young love.

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Title:  cool girl island – ocean potion
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