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BeatsEDMTunes Tasty Tunes Tuesday – Week 47 (Part One)

EDMTunes Tasty Tunes Tuesday – Week 47 (Part One)

Listen to the most flavour-packed tracks we discovered halfway through this week.

Music makes the world go round. And in that regard, we’re constantly on the lookout for new, exciting tunes to share with our audience. We’ve found some that cause goosebumps, and make you open your eyes and get up from your chair to dance. So put on your best pair of headphones, or turn up your speakers, and enjoy this week’s Tasty Tunes Tuesday.

Here are our top picks for the best music we came across this week, in no particular order.

NIMBVS, DEEP SEE, EK.KO & Dani King – Losing Myself (lonewoof Remix)

Genre: Future Bass, Psytrance

We covered CakeKnife’s remix of ‘Losing Myself‘ last Friday. The tune, produced by NIMBVSDEEP SEEEK.KO, and Dani King touches on the memories of a broken relationship. The tune has recently seen treatment from yet another artist.

Enter lonewoof. Colleen Cassarly has been involved in music ever since school, adventuring in Jazz, Orchestra, and being a part of a Pop-Punk group. She then discovered the world of EDM, and never looked back. Her ‘Losing Myself’ remix has her iconic sound: a merge of the most melodic, cinematic stuff out there, with powerful beats and drops. Have a listen yourself.

Saj McKenzie & EmberStream

Genre: Melodic Techno, Progressive House

Bram Meester, artistic name EmberStream, joins Saj McKenzie on their latest conjoint work, ‘Implosion‘. Meester hopes to draw a path to nowhere with his music. It’s a journey that leads to the unknown, but if there’s something certain, is that said unknown is a much-needed pause from this world’s troubles.

‘Implosion’ is a track that ventures into the Melodic Techno world, but only tangentially so. Borrowing elements from a handful of genres, the song features the classical empty spaces a Techno track showcases, but with a ton of power coming from the Progressive House side of things.

Technikore – Cruel Place

Genre: Trance, Liquid Drum and Bass

This one is a genre-bender by definition. Alfie Bamford, alias Technikore, is a UK Hardcore producer and DJ. Nearing 20 years of career so far — and no signs of stopping —, he’s now one of the main event leaders of the Sydney scene, and also manages his very imprint, OneSeventy.

Cruel Place‘ is a melancholic song, even more so in terms of the content of the vocals. A feeling of hopelessness meets soft strings, gentle pianos, and, what makes this song groundbreaking, an incredible feel of Liquid Drum and Bass, over a four-on-the-floor Trance-like beat. Amazing!

Maxi Meraki, Samm (BE), Ajna (BE) – Look Around, It’s Gonna Be Fine

Genre: Melodic Techno, Afro House

Talented producers Maxi Meraki, Samm, and Ajna join forces on the latest Magnifik Music journey. Their track is titled ‘Look Around, It’s Gonna Be Fine‘, and excels at a lot of things. First off, it evidences maturity in the sound, and screams sophistication. It can capture the greatness of a good song, without being overpowering.

In fact, with a sound that is much more minimalistic than it is lavish with elements, ‘Look Around, It’s Gonna Be Fine’ is able to capture the core Keinemusik trend, all while giving the aura the proper triple-Belgian twist we’d expect from three artists all hailing from the country home to Tomorrowland.

Wahlbeck – One More Night

Genre: Progressive House, Future House

Let’s kick things off by making it clear Wahlbeck is a Swede. You can already expect quite a punch on his works. The largest EDM gatherings around the world created the necessity in him to produce unforgettable beats. And believe us, he’s been able to do just that in this track.

One More Night‘ is a Progressive House track down to its very core. But not the melodic, teary-eyed type, we’re talking full warehouse mode, if you will. Enjoy the Axtone energy his latest tune possesses. It’s got that contrast from movie-like atmospheres to sober, lemon-face-inducing drops that make for an irresistible combination.

Guy Horne – Broken Before (DNMO Remix)

Genre: Drum and Bass

As a full-time entrepreneur, running a social impact business, it’s been incredibly rewarding to find the time and resources to write and record new music as an independent artist“, says Guy Horne, the man behind ‘Broken Before‘, a track that has been streamed close to 150,000 times on Spotify, and also been part of an official Spotify Editorial playlist.

On remixing duties this time Guy welcomes DNMO, who’s turned the original, vulnerable and heartfelt tune into an iconic Drum and Bass banger. This is one of those tracks that, we have to admit, threw us back in our chairs in mere disbelief. It’s got that unmistakable DnB vibe that is so tasty!

Murphy’s Law – Need To Know

Genre: House, UK Garage

Dynamic powerhouse duo Murphy’s Law returns to Ministry of Sound for their second release with them. Just coming down to Earth after a summer filled with gigs, these guys don’t seem to know about a brake pedal — and don’t seem to care either. Living proof is their next adventure, ‘Need To Know‘.

Powerful, yet at the same time so easy to digest, ‘Need To Know’ is a nod to the past with its savoury House elements, blending the kick and sub we crave from a couple decades ago with a modern vocal and a handful of simplistic textures.

ReDub – Vibration

Genre: Deep Trance, Melodic Techno

Artist ReDub is back on Coldharbour Recordings yet again to deliver a lovely anthem, ‘Vibration‘. It marks the third single of him on the label this year, after ‘Motion‘ and ‘Come With Me‘. The song comes to embody the identity of the brand-new Deep Trance genre quite well.

A gentle kick, a rolling bass, and neverending vocal beds power the first bits of ‘Vibration’. The break features a longer expression of the vocals, now opening completely with a melodic progression under them. Tangential to Melodic Techno, this track is perfect for a dark club, when in need of a touch of light.


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