Eppiker Return With Groovy Single, “Joyride”

They’re back! Epikker (Suniel Fox and Henry Strange) have gifted us with their latest single “Joyride.” Aptly named, the track is uplifting with brilliant, alluring electronic synths that undoubtedly pay homage to one of electronic music’s greatest legends, Daft Punk. The track starts with a heavy build-up that almost makes you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster, then drops into a melodic musical symphony that hypes you up. The track fuses some of EDM’s classic sounds into a bold and refreshing tune. “Joyride” is perfect for dance floors and without question, a shuffler’s dream. The build-ups are reminiscent of something you would hear in the iconic “Tron” movie, whose soundtrack was heavily praised for its electronic brilliance.

For those that are seeking a purely electronic track that takes you away from some of the heavier, more bass-driven dance music out recently, this track is for you. The carefully crafted use of synthesizers is a breath of fresh air, but no stranger to Epikker, who are synonymous for carefully curating their tracks with some of the most intricately defined elements. Here’s what the guys had to say about the track:

“Joyride was a monumental achievement for us because it vastly explored our two very different approaches to music and somehow when it was done, nothing had ever felt so much like home. We must’ve spent 2-300 hours tweaking, cutting, and editing to create the sound you hear, and in that regard, it both defined what to do and what not to do. Joyride taught us how to ride that wave between Mood and Enthusiasm and how just the right amount of each brings up this kind of unparalleled emotion, which to this day. I can only describe it as Bliss.”

You can stream JOYRIDE below and be sure to follow Epikker on Instagram.

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Title: Eppiker Return With Groovy Single, “Joyride”
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