[Event Review] Don Diablo Takes His ‘Forever’ Tour To Brooklyn

Cover Photo credit: Bryan Kwon (@Bryan.Kwon.Photos)

Don Diablo took on Brooklyn for two nights during his Forever Tour. Avant Gardner hosted the Dutch Producer who is coming off the release of his 21-track FORΞVΞR album. His tracklist featured many of his new tracks along with some classics. Don’s sets are unique featuring a combination of Future House and Bass, pop-EDM, and hip-hop sprinkled in.

His shows in Brooklyn consisted of him and him only. No supporting artists were scheduled to play. You do not see this move too often by artists of Don’s size. It is very impressive and ambitious of Don to rock a crowd by himself and for the whole night. Don Diablo made New York his home for two nights and Forever has a place here.

The Venue

The Great Hall is not your average warehouse. It is equipped with lights covering the roof and the beams themselves. There is ample space to get your feet moving. A bar extending almost the length of the venue ensures you are never waiting in line. Don brought in his own productions with lights hung right above him and a sizeable LED screen.

The sheer size of the space is impressive right when you walk in. The multi-level venue allows you to get more than just the floor view. If you are a Summer festival goer you will notice right away it is attached to the Brooklyn Mirage. Also included in the complex is King’s Hall. It is truly for Dance Music enthusiasts.

Photo credit: Bryan Kwon (@Bryan.Kwon.Photos)

Don Diablo

Don Diablo got the party started around Midnight. Right away I noticed he had 8 CDJs set up back-to-back. He went between both of them very often and at times played on both! It was very impressive to watch and not something I had seen before. It is the perfect setup for a B2B. Maybe next time we will see this. Don was in his signature get-up that was featured on his album cover. It is quite a sick outfit.

His entrance was massive and the crowd loved it. It was huge filled with warehouse reverb and groove to get our feet moving. He played all of his signature tracks including ‘Problems,’ ‘Tears For Later,’ and ‘Mr. Brightside.’ Don was also able to hit our nostalgic feelings with some of his older music that we still love. This included his remix of ‘Let Me Love You,’ ‘Congratulations,’ and ‘Anthem (We Love House Music).’

Don opened and shut down Avant Gardner in grand fashion. If you have never seen Don Diablo, he should be on your list ASAP. He is the perfect mix for both dance music lovers and more casual fans.

Photo credit: Bryan Kwon (@Bryan.Kwon.Photos)

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