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BeatsExclusive Interview with Jay Newman: Unveiling the Journey of a World-Class DJ

Exclusive Interview with Jay Newman: Unveiling the Journey of a World-Class DJ

Welcome to our interview with Jay Newman, a talented DJ and Producer known for his dynamic style and sound that’s ready to take the Electronic music scene by storm. Jay’s journey began as a passionate raver, exploring various genres before finding his niche in Deep House, Melodic and Progressive House.

In this interview he talks about his beginnings, experiences and the plans and projects for the months ahead, join us as we learn more about this skillful DJ and music Producer.

Hi Jay! How are you? To start, can you share a bit about your journey into the  world of Electronic Dance music and how you developed your unique style as  a DJ and producer? 

My journey into the world of Dance music started as a raver on the dancefloors. Enjoying exploring all genres & finding what style of music I liked. I quickly found a love for Trance and Progressive music at festivals, following names like Above & Beyond, Tiesto & Armin Van Buuren.

My style then changed into House & Tech as I started DJing and running events as this because hugely popular at the time. But now, I have matured as an artist I have really found my true sound as a Producer which spreads across the spectrum of Deep House, Melodic & Progressive House. 

As a former Worldwide Touring Artist for Ministry Of Sound & Formula 1, what  were some of the most memorable experiences from your tours and performances? 

A few memories spring to mind, warming up for Fatboy Slim @ Snowbombing Festival on the main stage was up there. So too was DJing on Eddie Irvines Yacht at the Monaco Grand Prix overlooking the track!

Your music has been supported by several prominent artists in the industry; how does it feel to have such recognition and support for your work? 

It’s always an exciting feeling seeing your idols supporting and playing your own productions. Finally, after 8 years of producing music do I honestly feel like I have now found my sound as an artist, so it’s even more rewarding now.

What inspired you to start Pro-ject Warehouse and Pro-ject events, and how  do you envision it contributing to the Electronic music scene? 

I started running my own events under the Pro-ject brand as a way to establish my name as an artist & DJ. After a few years of success I quickly decided to grown this and opened a 500 capacity warehouse venue in my hometown Worcester. 10 years later we are still running the events in my hometown. We’ve supported so many artists over the years, giving young talent a stage to perform, I take huge satisfaction being able to do this. 

You’ve performed at various festivals and events around the world, is there a particular show or venue that stands out as a highlight in your career? 

I think for me it was hosting a room and headling at Warehouse project Manchester. Me and my friends really fell in love with the Electronic music scene as party goers at WHP, so to be able to return a few years later and host / DJ there with all of my friends with me was a huge buzz! I still have the flyer for the night in a frame in my studio!  

Your productions often blend Deep House, Melodic, and Progressive House elements. Can you walk us through your creative process when producing a track? 

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a specific process, I feel more comfortable nowadays to open a blank project and just go with the flow of what emotions and feelings I have at that time. I feel that I enjoy the process more when I don’t put pressure on myself to make a certain type of style. Once I’ve made a few records, I can then decide which tracks go together for an EP and for which labels I think they suit. 

How do you approach selecting tracks for your sets, and how do you keep  your performances fresh and engaging for the audience? 

I have my favourite tracks I always like to play and I also make sure I dig out a few classics to jog people’s memories in every set I play. I don’t like to plan too much though, it keeps me on my toes when I start digging through playlists. I always do however mix in key and like to keep a groove to my sets. 

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers looking to break  into the industry and establish themselves as artists? 

Be nice, go to parties and meet DJs and promoters. I networked (partied) really hard when I was getting a name for myself, you really have to meet people and don’t just rely on social media / messaging. 

What are your upcoming projects and releases that fans can look forward to in the near future?

I’m looking forward to my next release “With You” on Eton Messy Records. Then a release with the wonderful Armada Music. 

How do you see the Electronic music scene evolving, and what role do you hope to play in its continued growth and innovation? 

It’s vital that local cities have events and venues, it’s all good for huge festivals and events with big budget headliners, but it’s important that we ensure the grass roots events are continuing, with the closure of so many clubs in the UK, it’s very different nowadays.  I will always run my own events, so I like to think I can continue to support upcoming talent and help as many people as I can along the way! 

We thank Jay Newman for his time sharing a deeper look into his story, background and vision. His love for Electronic music together with this driving mission to continue to open a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent through his events that keep building a community around Electronic Dance music, play a significant role in him cementing his name as one to follow closely.

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