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EDM LifeFeel The Energy of ‘Truth’: the Brand-New R….

Feel The Energy of ‘Truth’: the Brand-New R….

Cyazon unveils his latest hard-hitting Midtempo production, a remix of Nero’s newest release ‘Truth’. As he strikes back with yet more electrifying music, Cyazon appears to be keeping his drive and motivation high, building a momentum that continues to see him making his mark within Electronic Music: with an impressive signature sound, one dynamic in energy and diverse in sonic character, Cyazon keeps garnering the attention of genre fans from across the world and this powerful new release continues to prove why.    

A talented Producer fast becoming known within the genre, Cyazon remains consistent in his ability when it comes to creating mighty-sounding productions. With a sound that blends elements from a wide range of genres like Dubstep and Drum and Bass, Cyazon continues to establish his place as a unique force on the scene; incorporating dystopian and futuristic details into his work, his approach to music production appears unparalleled by any other currently within the genre. Having collaborated with a host of different gifted Artists, like Becko, Tyler Graves, Au5, and Essenger, Cyazon’s release catalogue is already detailed with numerous stand-out productions and this newest track is sure to keep this standard high; emerging as yet another striking addition, Cyazon’s new remix will no doubt make an impact on listeners as it unleashes its hypnotising sound and driving energy. 

Opening with atmospheric details and soaring melodic lines, the processed spoken vocal sample soon enters to guide the listening experience as the hard-hitting low-end and bold rhythmic elements join the mix. The soundscape quickly intensifies as thumping beats, growling synths, and pulsing instrumentation raise the energy, invigorating the track with electrifying vibes; then, glowing string lines and underlying pads lead through the breakdown, with the punchy bassline, driving beats and staggering layers returning to inject the soundscape with high-octane energy once more.  

A smash new remix from Cyazon, ‘Truth (Cyazon Remix)’ packs a powerful punch; relentless and unique in sound, Cyazon’s rework highlights his own individual signature sound, bringing elements from the Midtempo and Dubstep genres whilst ensuring the essence of Nero’s original version shines through. A release sure to become a stand-out favourite amongst Cyazon’s fans, this new remix appears as a must-listen production, delivering an enthralling listening experience not to be missed. So, make sure to follow Cyazon across social media to stay up-to-date on his upcoming releases and projects. ‘Truth (Cyazon Remix)’ is out now and available to stream and download across streaming platforms.   


Listen to ‘Truth (Cyazon Remix)’ now:  


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By: Rian Whitfield
Title: Feel The Energy of ‘Truth’: the Brand-New R….
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Published Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2023 09:55:17 +0000

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