Flume Releases New Album, Palaces

Future bass Legend, Flume‘s new album ‘Palaces‘ hits streaming platforms worldwide. The long sought out artist has been teasing this new album for many months. Combining it with beautiful pieces of art inspired by different birds. The art is in collaboration with Jonathan Zawada. A talented artist that carries a large following. The colorful presentation combines with Flume’s smooth melodic music to make an experience no one will forget.

More About Flume’s New Album

‘Palaces’ features multiple lyricist from all over the world. All which fit nicely with Flume’s melodic style. Oklou, MAY-A, Quiet Bison, Kucka, Laurel, and Virgina Maria are only some of those artist. Now, If you listen to the album you can hear the diversity it brings but also how it consistently flows together. These featuring artist could not of done a better job. Not to mention, Flume gives each and every song its own surprises. It could be a beefy drum set to get you moving, random but in sync bass one shots, or a crazy random but so good vocal chop. It’s hard to explain Flume’s diverse style of music. There is one thing you could say though. He really knows how to impress his listeners.

Starting Flume’s new album off you have the track ‘Highest Building‘ with vocalist, Oklou. In the beginning it already introduces you to some of Flume’s wicked sound design. Oklou’s beautiful vocals add contrast to the heavy bass Flume uses in the instrumental choruses. Continuing down the track list you’ll eventually hear the natural calls from birds in the tracks. There are musical sounds that you will have never heard before. All working together to make 13 juicy tracks. At one point while listening, I felt as if I entered another world, Flume’s world. This journey of an album ends with its last song ‘Palaces‘, a peaceful track that will have you in a daze. It features a talented vocalist by the name Damon Albarn. Some would say this is the best song on the track list. I’d say that would be a hard decision to make.

Flume’s Tour

Recently, Flume announced his United States tour and his Australia tour. Some of the shows are already sold out and after the album release. I’m sure many more will sell out. His current U.S dates are between May 23rd starting in Wisconsin and September 17th ending in Utah. That will consist of 27 shows across many major cities. His Australia tour starts in November and ends in December with only 6 shows. Australia is Flume’s home country so it is only right that he shows his dedication with a tour there. With being one of the most popular Future bass artist in the United States Flume will be playing two nights at many of the major cities. If you don’t have a ticket you can check out his tour here. Flume’s new album ‘Palaces’ will not be something to miss.

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Title: Flume Releases New Album, Palaces
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