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EDM LifeHotboxx Strikes Gold with Remix of Abuekev and Guti Leg….

Hotboxx Strikes Gold with Remix of Abuekev and Guti Leg….

DJ and music Producer Hotboxx is here with a new hard-hitting remix of Abuekev and Guti Legatto’s ’The Prophecy,’ set for release under Original label, this new version of the Techno track showcases a new side of Hotboxx’s music, displaying his usual vibes but with an innovation with the sound and style, highlighting his skills and talent as a Producer. 

Following a busy release schedule for this year, that has already seen him release tracks via Sirup Music and also under Original, as well as, releasing new episodes of his radio show ‘All The Smoke’, that now reaches over 30 radio stations across the globe, Hotboxx is ready to unveil this new remix that carries a powerful beat and an undeniable energy. 

This is not the first time Hotboxx collaborates with Producer and Original’s label boss AbueKev; having worked together in the past on his EP ‘That’s Right’ were AbueKev remixed the title track, as well as, another release via Original were the two producers, alongside Vampire Sex, released the EP ‘Wanna Know Sumething About Ya,’ to great reception of their following, and now, the team up once more and this time with talented Producer Guti Legatto to bring this new release that’s poised to receive great accolades. 

A shuffled beat and driving vibe start off this track; that soon release layers of sonic elements that carry the energy of the sonic journey. Staggering synth lines and acid pads join the mix, as the intensity of the track keeps building up; with the usual groove of a Hotboxx release, this remix breathes new life to the original, highlighting Hotboxx’s own flavor and style that keeps shining bright with every release he shares with his followers, only this time experimenting with new sounds and genres, further amplifying his reach and opening up new avenues of sonic exploration.
Lovers of Techno will find in this remix a new favorite to add to their party playlists, as the track promises to keep the dancefloor lit up. 

Hotboxx presents, with this new release, another hard-hitting production that refreshes the original, maintaining his high-quality sound, that promises to keep surprising listeners all over the world. ’The Prophecy’ is out now and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms. 

Listen to ‘The Prophecy (Hotboxx Remix)’ Now: 

Hotboxx Online 

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Original Online 



By: Rian Whitfield
Title: Hotboxx Strikes Gold with Remix of Abuekev and Guti Leg….
Sourced From:
Published Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2024 17:33:27 +0000

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