Innellea Presents ‘Distorted Youth’ EP Via Afterlife

German melodic and deep techno talent Innellea presents an amazing EP via Tale Of Us‘ label, Afterlife.‘Distorted Youth’ is full of breakbeat, soundscapes, hard-hitting percussion, and lines that are ready to be heard.

From its beginnings in the burgeoning underground melodic techno scene to the pinnacle of avant-garde electronica where it resides today, Innellea always brings something that surprises even the most demanding fan. The world-renowned German producer, live artist, and trailblazing visionary continue to push boundaries in every aspect of his burgeoning career. Maintaining a high level of integrity and innovation in every release he puts out, and this one is no exception.

After a very productive year in 2021 – a year in which the talent surpassed countless career milestones at a dizzying pace – Innellea wants to kick off the new year the same way it ended the previous one, presenting its latest creative concept, ‘Distorted Youth‘.

Innellea Distorted Youth

Innellea- ‘Distorted Youth’ Tracks And Emotions

This EP includes 4 tracks that mark a journey towards how really confusing our reality can become, as if it were a distorted reality. This means Innellea’s long-awaited return to the esteemed Italian label, following his flawless debut back in 2018 with ‘Vigilians EP’, and his second offering ‘The World Returns EP’ in 2019.

Confronted Reality’ blends mind-altering synth riffs with blasting beats and an abundance of atmospheric timbres. While laying a foundation for the rest of the EP.‘Distorted Youth’ reveals unbridled creativity and his innate willingness to break the mold to achieve a breakbeat theme. Full of polyrhythms, euphoric interludes, and a warm blanket of sub-bass that encapsulates the listener at all times.

While ‘Loss Of Hope’ it’s a cosmic journey that encloses listeners in a different world from the previous two tracks. It’s a dynamic, energetic delivery underpinned by cavernous basslines, ethereal samples, and four-four beats. Melodic introspection and post-apocalyptic club vibe shine to the fore. And finally, ‘Irreversible‘, where soundscapes, percussion, and sonic patterns penetrate listeners’ expectations.

You can listen to Innellea-‘Distorted Youth’ EP below!

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Title: Innellea Presents ‘Distorted Youth’ EP Via Afterlife
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