Instagram Introduces New “Grid Pinning” Feature

Instagram officially introduces their “Grid Pinning” feature. This feature allows users to pin up to 3 of their favorite posts to the top of their profile pages. Very similar to Twitter’s pin feature where users can pin their favorite tweet to the top of their Twitter profile. Instagram’s announcement said:

“Introducing grid pinning! 📌Starting today, you can now pin up to 3 posts to your profile! Pinning posts will help showcase your favorite moments so that your followers can get to know you better. 🌟

– Instagram (via Instagram account)

They also posted on twitter:

In Detail

This new profile page feature will allow users to pin 3 posts to their Instagram page. This will help users have a better idea of what other users are into and what they deem most important. With easy changeability, users will be able to constantly update what they decide to pin. Also, not only does Instagram allow users to pick from their post; they can pick from their reels too. The 3 posts picked will stay in the top 3 slots where the latest post usually is. There will most likely be updates and bug fixes to this new update in the foreseeable future.

This feature will most likely prove useful to consumers and producers alike. While consumers can use it for personal interest, companies can use it for ads, product lines, and many more possibilities. While Instagram mostly caters to what users want, the new feature will either succeed and stay or fail and be a thing of the past. As the years continue the social platform becomes better and more versatile. They only just updated Instagram reels to be 90 seconds; now pinned-post. What’s next?

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Title: Instagram Introduces New “Grid Pinning” Feature
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Published Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2022 14:26:21 +0000

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