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BeatsINTERVIEW: Ravenscoon Talks New “MIND” EP, Upcoming Album, Mental Health Advocacy + More

INTERVIEW: Ravenscoon Talks New “MIND” EP, Upcoming Album, Mental Health Advocacy + More

Fresh on the heels of his recent HEART project, Ravenscoon is back and better than ever with the third installment of his debut PERIPHERY album. This time around we’re treated to MIND, a four-track EP boasting a hypnotizing concoction of cerebral soundscapes and cutting-edge sound design. As his album rollout continues, the talented act continues to impress as he delivers on his distinct sonic fusion of death metal, hip-hop, and experimental bass. Alongside the music, Ravenscoon’s passions extend beyond his craft as he has been an active advocate in championing mental health awareness and other causes such as the homelessness epidemic and women’s reproductive rights. We were lucky enough to sit down with the man himself for an exclusive RTT interview to discuss these topics, his MIND EP, anticipated upcoming album, and playing live. Keep reading below to step in to the world of Ravenscoon and be sure to bump this impressive new project as well via Spotify.

Ravenscoon – MIND (EP) | Stream

Congrats on releasing your MIND EP today! What do you personally enjoy about this particular section of your upcoming debut album PERIPHERY and what sets it apart from the other three EPs in this series?

Thank you! I really enjoy the psychedelic nature of MIND, it delves into really experimental realms of bass music – from trap to cyberpunk to 140 style deep dub. I think the versatility is here, largely thanks to the amount of collaborations on this part. I wanted to feature my favorite producers on the album, while also maintaining my sound with them, which was a really fun and challenging process.

Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind the thematic division of your album, into four EPs—BODY, HEART, MIND, and SOUL? How do these themes contribute to the overall narrative of the album?

BODY, HEART, MIND, & SOUL encompass the 4 most important aspects of existence from the physical to emotional, mental and spiritual. PERIPHERY is about the journey through existence – from the outer edges of what we can experience and understand as physical lifeforms to the indescribable elements of spiritual travel. I wanted to create songs for each of these aspects that could fit in my set, hitting different elements of the dancefloor with different messages, different energies, and different levels of movement.

Accompanying the release today are some amazing cinematic visualizers courtesy of cinematographer Magela Crosignani. How do you see the intersection of visuals and music, and what role do visual elements play in enhancing the overall experience for your audience?

Music and visual stimuli are like bread & butter. It is so important to me to have a visual guide to our audio experience, it grounds the person and helps tell the story that they may or may not pick up on by just listening. I used to want to be a screenwriter and cinematographer myself, so I’ve always appreciated the intersection of audio and visual. Without these two elements together, the listeners may not fully grasp the scope of just the music here. But even with the two elements together, there is enough ambiguity to let them come to their own conclusion.

What can fans expect when catching you live on the PERIPHERY tour? How do you best translate the vision and story behind this project in a live music setting?

They can expect a rollercoaster of energy, emotion, and sound. I’ve spent an insane amount of time coming up with a half dozen different 2-hour sets, some with overlapping sections, but each set being at least partially unique from the other. This allows fans to come and get some expectations met, but also have them completely be surprised at where the direction goes. I let songs breathe, I play all sorts of genres, vocals, I take the energy all the way up and alllllll the way down – its more of a sonic journey than it is just builds and drops.

Beyond your music, you are known for advocating important social causes such as mental health, reproductive rights, immigrants’ rights, and ending homelessness. Can you talk a bit about how you incorporate these values into your craft, and what role do you believe musicians play in raising awareness and promoting positive change in society?

I think it’s important for anyone with a platform, and people in general, to be passionate about helping others. Music has always been the intersection of politics and change, and while I avoid getting divisive with my messages, I do think that it is very important to advocate for change and bringing people together in such a divisive time. I feel passionately about mental health as I struggle with Bipolar II disorder and substance abuse disorder, and I’ve always been passionate about homelessness, reproductive rights, and immigrants rights as those are all basic human needs that we need to be meeting with compassion and love.

You’ve had quite the 2023 – what’s been the highlight of the year so far and what are you most excited about when looking forward to 2024?

The highlight has been releasing this debut album and doing my first headline tour. Next year I am most excited about bringing bigger and badder shows with more production to my fans and growing community. I feel like I’m just getting started

‘INTERVIEW: Ravenscoon Talks New “MIND” EP, Upcoming Album, Mental Health Advocacy + More

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