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EDM LifeIntroducing the Skilled Producer and DJ Cynthia Laclé

Introducing the Skilled Producer and DJ Cynthia Laclé

Cynthia Laclé has made her presence within the Electronic Music realm known: from winning the 2017 Dutch DJ Championship to climbing the charts with her single ‘Hunger’, this is no doubt a Producer and DJ deserving of attention. So, today, we’re looking forward to sitting down with her to learn more about her background, influences, and creativity as Cynthia Laclé joins us for this exclusive interview. 


Hi Cynthia Laclé, how are you today? 

Hiiii, I’m good! 


Can you tell us a bit about your background? What initially inspired you to get into music? 

Of course, when I was little my parents always had music on. So, I grew up with a lot of different types of music. My mother was a bit more modern (going along with the trends, like Destiny’s Child, Backstreet Boys, Nsync etc), and my father was a bit more old-school (like Tracy Chapman, Chicago, TOTO etc) and then we also had our local music, which was a lot of Salsa, Meringue, Bachata etc. I lived until I was 12 on a small island called Aruba. When I was 12, I went to the Netherlands and that was a complete transformation for me. Then I found out there was Electronic music. House was a new genre for me, and I liked it right away! 


Who would you say are some of your biggest musical influences, and how have they impacted your sound? 

Hardwell, Deborah de Luca, and Will Sparks are my favourites. Will Sparks is an artist who really affects me though. He has certain sounds in his productions that I like very much – he’s a big inspiration for me.  


Which of your tracks would you recommend to newcomers to your music, one that epitomises your signature sound? 

Good question, I would say ‘CHAOS’, but it’s not out yet! My signature is the elements that I use in my track, like screech sounds and my layering of kicks. But also, how I build my tracks in a certain way.  


With so many milestone achievements detailing your career so far, including winning the Dutch DJ Championships, which of your successes are you most proud of?  

Oh my, hahaha. Actually, I’m proud of all of them. Every milestone has a different meaning for me, and every milestone has its own difficulties. But, I’m really happy of becoming my own Artist and developing my own sound as a Producer. It really gives me so much joy and energy. 


Can you walk us through your approach to creating a new track? What is your usual workflow and production process? 

Oh, this is a crazy one, my workflow is so fast actually. When I hear a sound, I know directly if it’s a go or not. Just hit the studio and go offline. What the most of my time goes into is finding the right kick. All other sounds are easy! 


Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that might surprise fans? 

Oh, my hahaha. I have 1 hair on my right arm that grows long 😛 


What challenges have you faced so far as an Artist, and how have you worked to overcome them? 

So many! Wrong USB stick, not updated with the right software, malfunctions, headphones that didn’t work, gear that was half broken. It all happens to every DJ. But you have to keep the show going, so in that moment, you have to deal with it. Everyone is watching you. I sweat my pants off but somehow you make it work in that moment and later you have time to process it to make sure it doesn’t happen anymore. But in the end, there is always something that can malfunction, and you need to accept that fact. It’s ok though, people really understand that, it’s how you bring it to the crowd that affects how much respect you get back. Just try to make a funny thing out of it! 


How would you describe your signature sound and style and what would you say makes it unique within the genre? 

Energetic, there will always be certain sounds in my tracks as I use certain plug-ins and effects in all of my tracks. Also, how it’s mixed and mastered will be different to others on the scene. There aren’t many females in the genre, or on the DJ circuit but my energy and sound are what makes my style unique.  


Looking ahead, what can fans expect from you? Can you share with us any specific goals in mind that you are hoping to achieve in the future? 

They can expect a lot of new music! My new production is so epic. Really looking forward to releasing these tracks. My goals for this year are to develop more as an Artist, collaborate with other Artists and release on bigger labels. Also, I will be at more and even bigger events.  

As she continues carving out a unique path within the genre, Cynthia Laclé no doubt appears driven and motivated by her passionate love for Electronic Music, standing out with her original and unique sound. So, poised to keep building momentum, this is surely a Producer and DJ to keep watching as she continues on her captivating musical journey. 


Cynthia Laclé Online 

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