Jaime Jones Headlines New Tulum Festival ‘DANCE WITH ME’

Jamie Jones Dance With me

Yessir. Tulum getting more and more events. There’s now an so many events it is almost impossible to choose. However, you won’t see us complaining. The popular destination tropical destination in Mexico has become an Oasis for a blend between the underground and the mainstream house and techno scene. Now, a new festival named ‘DANCE WITH ME’ an event organized by Art With Me is making its way to Tulum. Taking place in the third week of April, ‘DANCE WITH ME’ will certainly become a Tulum favorite, as it boasts an amazing lineup, insane activities, and takes place in a great location.

Described by the festival itself as:

An immersive, experiential exploration of the creative spirit. More than just a music festival, more than simply a spiritual retreat or gastronomical adventure, DANCE WITH ME is about uniting people in an expansive, uplifting, joyful environment that highlights life as art.

About the event, ‘DANCE WITH ME’ founder David Graziano stated:

“We love the opportunity to bring Pillar Events like Dance With Me to our Art With Me community between the times of our flagship Art With Me events. This allows us to continue experimenting with creative initiatives year round.”

Dance With Me Presents A Start Studded Lineup

On top of what’s already a prime location, filled with amazing activities and places to spend the weekend at, there’s also the festival’s lineup. Certainly, one of the best I’ve seen recently. Most of the DJs on this lineup have been part of Tulum’s nightlighfe for a while now. There is, however, a couple new names new sounds that will, for sure bring new experiences into the mix. You can find the lineup below:

Dance With Me Lineup

House. Techno. Some of its more popular variations. All coming together for a perfect 3 day event in Tulum. If you want to find out more about the event go to Art With Me’s website

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More About Art With Me

Art With Me is an international arts, music and cultural festival, offering experiences across a multitude of highly creative platforms that immerse, inspire, and activate its attendees and followers. It seeks to create a space where inspiration is the heartbeat of the experience.

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Title: Jaime Jones Headlines New Tulum Festival ‘DANCE WITH ME’
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