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BeatsJaytech Leads Positronic Comeback With New EP, ‘Starflight’

Jaytech Leads Positronic Comeback With New EP, ‘Starflight’

One of Progressive Trance’s veterans just graced us with new music on his imprint.

When you think of Jaytech, what comes to mind? Is it ‘Metro‘? Perhaps, his stellar remix of ‘If I Could Fly‘ by OceanLab? Or maybe the all-time classic ‘Pepe’s Garden‘? Whatever you remember Jimbo by, it’s bound to be some tasty piece of arrangement. He’s been one of the longest-standing producers of the scene, evolving his sound to master a number of genres, one of which, is Progressive Trance.

We had talked about this in a previous article. In my own words, “How good it feels to stumble across a purist Progressive Trance track once a fortnight“. One week later, I still stand by it. There’s something about the filthy, Electro-tangential basslines paired with the feeling of elevation you get from Trance, all merged together, that is super refreshing to hear. And, regarding that matter, Jaytech doesn’t disappoint.

The Starflight EP

Launched in 2014, Positronic is Jimbo’s very own record label, a place in which he’s let his imagination roam free while also giving the needed space for various talents to share their craft with the world. Recently, the label had gone into a bit of a hiatus, but it’s all changed this week, for the very head of the project, Jaytech himself, just scored the 51st release on it. The release, you ask? An extensive EP titled the Starflight EP.

As interesting as that information alone is, Jimbo recalls a very interesting backstory and a tale of growth and polishing with the compilation. “I started work on these tracks a year ago, and I’ve actually played fans “finished” versions of the EP on previous episodes of my radio show“, he says. “I ultimately decided to hold off on releasing them as I was excited about the musical story they tell, and I wanted to up the ante and double down on the quality of this first of our next 50 releases“.

The EP contains a handful of tracks, originated from three original pieces, ‘The Night Sky‘, ‘Darkstar‘, and ‘Halcyon‘. “All three tracks are a story of the last year of my life, and The Night Sky is influenced in part by some of the first images that came through from the newly launched James Webb Space Telescope“, comments Jimbo. Alongside the originals, each track gets a revision courtesy of the finest Japanese artists, CONURES, SKAWZ, and Codeswitch.

“I see music as a kind of language of the universe, and seeing those first images gave me a sense of endless possibilities and boundless mystery.”


Jaytech — Starflight EP Tracklist

  1. The Night Sky
  2. Darkstar
  3. Halcyon
  4. The Night Sky (CONURES Remix)
  5. Darkstar (SKAWZ Remix)
  6. Halcyon (Codeswitch Remix)

Listen to Jaytech‘s mesmerising Starflight EP by hitting the ‘Play’ button available below via Spotify. Also, be sure to support the release on your platform of choice by hitting this link right here. Also also, are you a producer looking to contribute to the Progressive Trance scene? Positronic is on the hunt for fresh talent, so if you see yourself fitting into the sound of the label, head this way. And stay tuned for the latest news and views from our beloved Dance industry.

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By: Felipe Latorre Cabello
Title: Jaytech Leads Positronic Comeback With New EP, ‘Starflight’
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Published Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2023 16:38:35 +0000

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