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BeatsJohn Summit Talks Debut Album & More

John Summit Talks Debut Album & More

In a whirlwind of glamour and beats, John Summit landed in Las Vegas like the true EDM sensation he is. A pink limousine awaited, setting the tone for a week of festivities at the inauguration of Fontainebleau’s new Vegas Strip hotel. With a mischievous giggle, Summit shares the anticipation, hoping for a quick nap before the electrifying chaos ensues. The Sin City treat has begun, and Rolling Stone captures the vibe impeccably.

Nonstop Beats and Uncharted Goals

Diving into Summit’s meteoric rise, we explore the pulse-pounding journey of the DJ extraordinaire. From Latin-infused hits like ‘La Danza‘ to headlining Hard Summer and a stadium show in LA, Summit’s relentless energy propels him into stardom. In an exclusive revelation, he unveils his unconventional approach to success — a million small goals rather than long-term plans.

When asked about his current goals, Summit had the following to share:

“I never have long-term goals. Getting from where I started to where I am now took a million small goals to accomplish.”

He continues:

“I never thought this far. Every month or three months, I have a small goal in place. Now, it’s just the sum of all of that together.”

The interview pulsates with the heartbeat of Summit’s next adventure: the release of his debut full-length album, promising an eclectic exploration into uncharted musical realms.

When asked about upcoming music, and his highly anticipated album, John Summit said:

“I’ve been working a ton more on laidback music that I’ve never been able to put out. It’s going to be a lot more eclectic, working with artists I’ve never worked with before.”

He says one of those artists is UK Drum and Bass producer Sub Focus. He then goes on to say:

“The process has been challenging. Normally, I write one record at a time, so to write 12 or 14 records at once, it’s a lot. I’m taking some time off next year to focus on producing music, because this last year I did 200 shows and that’s not very sustainable.”

Forbes Accolades and Musical Mysteries

The excitement doesn’t end there, as Summit shares his awe at being the lone DJ on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. Chuckling about his accounting degree, he reflects on the unexpected recognition from the University of Illinois. “It’s the first time they recognized me, so I thought that was cool”, he jokes.

“There’s a lot of finances that go in and out, but I don’t use my accounting degree in a traditional sense, that’s for sure.”

The blog concludes with a sneak peek into Summit’s future – a mystery-filled promise of “heavy bangers” and fresh setlists for the next three years. It’s a testament to his dynamic journey, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next step in John Summit’s wild EDM odyssey.

Be sure to check out the original interview, here.

[H/T] – Rolling Stone

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