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BeatsKANJI Dives Into Melodic Bass With Debut Single ‘Runaway’

KANJI Dives Into Melodic Bass With Debut Single ‘Runaway’

Have a listen to the beauty of a tune we recently came across.

We’ve said it before: music shapes us. Those tunes that stick with you through thick and thin, end up becoming your favourite tunes. Over time, you develop a liking for one or another genre, style and feeling. And if you’re one of those people who have a special place in their hearts for a piece that makes your heart melt in an instant, we’ve got great news. Welcome KANJI.


Coming from New Jersey, Karan Patel, also known as KANJI, is a South-Asian producer who recently hopped into the EDM industry. That doesn’t mean he’s new to music, though, as he is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and videographer, all in one. He’s been involved in music since he was 12, and it shows.

KANJI has one special feature: he’s breaking the mould, culturally so. While the norm in South-Asian families is children should follow a more traditional approach to life (call it medicine, or law, for instance), Patel decided not only to take a different route, but also serve as an inspiration for others who may struggle to follow what’s standard.


KANJI’s debut single, ‘Runaway’, possesses all the elements he wants to show as a fundamental part of his sound. From heartfelt melodies and analogue instruments to a heavy beat on each drop, the Melodic Bass track, envisions KANJI, encourages listeners to express their feelings and be completely authentic, emphasizing that it’s okay to be true to oneself and not seek validation from others.

The song kicks off with a calm intro that slowly builds up in tension and epic drum rolls as the lyrics get more and more intense. This tension culminates in the explosion that is the melodic drop ahead. Close your eyes and get carried away by the elements placed in clockwork fashion. This track is the proper blend of feeling and power, all in one.

Runaway is a track that came together during one of my mentorships”, says KANJI. “I found Otto Palmborg, and instantly knew his voice would have the power and emotion needed to bring all the elements together”.

“It surrounds the theme of a painful love, with a drop that gives you a high energy release. I like to create drops I can envision being played on mainstage.”


Listen to KANJI’s ‘Runaway’ down below for your Spotify play. Also, be sure to follow him on social media (Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud). And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews regarding our beloved EDM industry.

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By: Felipe Latorre Cabello
Title: KANJI Dives Into Melodic Bass With Debut Single ‘Runaway’
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