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EDM LifeLeon Rosen – Follow Me Home

Leon Rosen – Follow Me Home

Leon Rosen’s musical journey is a mosaic of creative influences and personal triumphs. Raised in the artistic embrace of San Francisco’s Project Artaud, his early life in the experimental artist commune shaped his diverse artistic inclinations. From acting and circus arts at a young age, he transitioned into music, studying piano at the San Francisco High School of the Arts. His family, a creative group with a painter and filmmaker father and a mother who moved from belly dancing to journalism, fueled his artistic diversity.

Leon’s musical emergence began at 15 as a singer-songwriter, a venture met with honest critique that steered him towards mastering the piano. The loss of his father at 18 was a pivotal moment, leading him to find solace in another artist community, the Cell Space. By 19, his creativity manifested in composing music for the ‘Ishtar’ opera, showcased at the Burning Man Festival to an audience of 20,000.

His indie music journey took a more defined shape in San Francisco, recording the ‘Let Me Cool’ EP at Tiny Telephone, a studio famous for nurturing talents like Death Cab for Cutie. His collaboration with producer Cody Hamilton, a former intern at Fantasy Studios, marked a significant phase in his career. 2018 saw the release of ‘Grieving Friend of a Superman’ from this EP, a track that garnered 400,000 streams and set the tone for his future works, ‘Then Again’ in 2020 and ‘Café Dogs’ in 2022.

In 2023, Leon’s career reached new heights. He assembled a touring band featuring notable musicians and released ‘Follow Me Home,’ a single that epitomizes his psych-pop sound. This track, blending 1970s piano singer-songwriter vibes with modern indie rock, captures the essence of his musical identity. It’s a nostalgic yet contemporary piece, aligning with the tastes of Death Cab for Cutie and The Strokes fans. ‘Follow Me Home,’ with its grungy guitars and engaging vocals, marks a significant milestone in Leon’s career. It showcases his evolution as an artist but also cements his place in the indie music scene. As he embarks on his US tour, Leon Rosen is on the way up, blending nostalgic melodies with modern indie rock to create a unique sound that resonates across genres.

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