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BeatsLooking Back At The Wyze’s Pivotal Track Of 2023, ‘Step Away’

Looking Back At The Wyze’s Pivotal Track Of 2023, ‘Step Away’

Have a listen to the hit song of quite the Electronic band.

As lovers of all things Dance, here at EDMTunes we resonate with music coming from all places of the spectrum. And one of those genres that we truly dig is Deep House. Deep Deep House, the kind that makes you go “Mmmmmmm”.

We’re pleased to share with you a track — and a trio — worthy of that onomatopoeia. Meet The Wyze.

The Wyze

Coming all the way from Toronto, The Wyze is an Electronic music trio, well on its way to becoming among the most influential acts of 2024. Floating around the genres of Progressive, Melodic, and Deep House, the band blends the fulfilling simplicity of Indie with the best energies of Dance, to create a truly divine pairing.

A brand whose members rock an incredible experience, for instance, having co-written chart-topping singles for Dua Lipa, The Wyze has quite the schedule, both on the releasing and the touring side of things.

“[We are] here to shape the future of live Dance music.”

-The Wyze

They’re gracing the Mexican crowd with an ongoing tour as we speak, and they have twelve singles to be unveiled this year, which have all been shown to the public via their live sets uploaded to YouTube. Oh, on that topic, did I mention these guys play live sets? Have a look at one of their best, below:

‘Step Away’

Before diving into 2024, though, let’s look back at ‘Step Away’, by far their most successful track of last year. The lead song of their homonymously titled album was an absolute hit, amassing close to 400,000 streams on Spotify alone. When we came across it, we found it too good not to share with you all.

The arrangement itself is fairly simplistic, being led by a laid-back Deep House beat, sporadic plucks and tremolo’d leads, saxophones, and others, a groovy sub, and soft vocal lines. If you’re looking for a song that fits any and every moment, have a go. Driving, working, studying, eating, you name it.

Listen to The Wyze’s ‘Step Away’ in full by clicking the Spotify button we’ve provided. Also, be sure to follow them on their socials. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews from our beloved EDM industry.

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By: Felipe Latorre Cabello
Title: Looking Back At The Wyze’s Pivotal Track Of 2023, ‘Step Away’
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