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BeatsMahmut Orhan Debuts ‘Pangea’ Album

Mahmut Orhan Debuts ‘Pangea’ Album

Today, Turkish superstar DJ/producer Mahmut Orhan delivers his highly-anticipated debut album, Pangea, out now via Ultra Records. The project arrives just ahead of a string of massive performances at Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, and Tomorrowland. Funny enough, I recently saw Orhan for the first time in Vegas for Art of The Wild Reimagined, and let me tell you, the hype is real!

Return To Pangea

A culmination of Orhan’s diverse musical journey, Pangea blends together musical elements from a wide geographic range, fusing traditional instrumentation with modern dance music. Lending itself to the climactic nature of spine-tingling, dramatic techno, Orhan’s music taps into both the physical and emotional side of the listening experience with booming energy and stirring melodies. Tracks like ‘Nighter‘ and ‘Ederlezi’ reach the darker melodies, while ‘Pangea‘ and ‘Redemption‘ inspire with their beautiful harmonies. The album is a well-inspired and well-balanced success.

The vast range of featured artists on the album reflects Orhan’s vision of music being the connective tissue between starkly different cultures. Hence the title Pangea, which refers to the prehistoric supercontinent of Earth before it drifted apart. From Turkish stars like TUANA, Lebanese singer Ribale Wehbe, Berlin vocalist and producer Paul Brenning, to The Boxer Rebellion singer Nathan Nicholson, Orhan utilizes voices from all around the world. 


Orhan’s story as an artist began when he was growing up in Bursa. One day, at the retail store Orhan worked at as a teenager, a local DJ came in. He asked him to help set up equipment for a show. Orhan ended up working behind the scenes at clubs until he saw could provide further for his family by taking the stage himself as a DJ. The more he learned and played, the more he realized his true passion for music. Against the wishes of his family, who wished for him to have a more traditional career, he chose to pursue music full-time and would write his first hit, ‘Feel‘, in 2016. The track was picked up by Ultra, and Orhan would soon go on to become one of Turkey’s biggest dance music exports.

Mahmut’s sound has since resonated with listeners everywhere, amassing over 2 billion views on YouTube, 500 million streams on DSPs, plus a recent explosion on TikTok of #mahmutorhan receiving over 400 million views for his captivating performances behind the decks. In 2018, he was named GQ Turkey’s DJ of the Year. Last year, Mahmut performed on the main stage at EXIT Festival and stole the show. This year, he played the closing Zamna Tulum party, as well as shows in Miami, Paris, and Dubai

Pangea Tracklist

  1. Redemption
  2. Ederlezi
  3. Pangea (feat. Nathan Nicholson)
  4. Nighter (feat. TUANA)
  5. Bayati Shiraz (feat. Kenan Bayramli)
  6. Andalusian (feat. Ribale Wehbe)
  7. Karambula
  8. Kettle’s Up (feat. Botan)
  9. Cutting Ribbons (feat. Paul Brenning)
  10. 6 Days (Club Mix)

I don’t know about you, but this album got me feeling real good. Start your journey through Pangea

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