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BeatsMeduza Flares Up With New Tech House Banger ‘Musica’

Meduza Flares Up With New Tech House Banger ‘Musica’

The colder temperatures won’t be an issue in then northern hemisphere thanks to Meduza’s new track. ‘Musica’ is the groovy Tech House banger that we needed in this colder season. Following a successfully launched self titled EP ‘Meduza’ last month, The Milan Natives bring us a succulent and hot house beat to have us bouncing around the dance floor. Meduza teamed up with AETERNA to bring up this massive project that has turned into a staple during their live sets recently.

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Simple Yet Effective

The track is both hypnotic and driving with the omniscient style vocal emanating from the silent ambience of the record. It follows a simple bassline and alarm-like siren sounds. The song then builds up momentum into 2 sick drops, with harder kicks and powerful rhythm. Imagine you’re with your dance buddies igniting the dance floor with this song, it really is fun and catchy.

AETERNA has always been the vision as a sanctuary for Meduza to spread their wings musically, and this track embodies the freedom they feel within the dancefloor after years of touring

Meduza have taken the EDM scene by storm, with singles like ‘Piece of Your Heart’ Ft. Goodboys, Lose Control ft. Becky hill, and ‘Tell it to my Heart’ ft. Hozier. The Italian producer trio have amazed the love of the audience and have played vital dance venues in Miami, Ibiza, London, and Brazil.

Speaking about the record, Meduza said “Musica is one of those records that moves every dancefloor. We have played it as the start track, middle track and wherever we put it, it always sounds massive and has the crowd pumped and chanting on the dancefloor”

Next up, The Milan natives will close down Art Basel Miami in Factory Town December 10th. Moreover, They will play in Chicago’s Radius for a camera/recording free December 30th.

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By: Jay Seabrook
Title: Meduza Flares Up With New Tech House Banger ‘Musica’
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