Photos: Inside Tulum’s Magical Day Zero Festival 2022

There are few moments and places in the world that stop you in your tracks and leave you speechless. For us, one of those moments happened last weekend in Tulum, Mexico for Day Zero Festival 2022. For nearly 24 hours, Day Zero invited guests from around the world to experience the magic that happens in the jungles of Tulum. Surrounded by nature, a cenote, top-notch production, and electronic artists, Day Zero Festival provided spectacular moments that will be engrained in our hearts and memory forever. Ten years after its inception in the Mayan Jungles to mark the end of the world, the festival, helmed by founder Damian Lazarus, is an opportunity to reconnect with nature and music. There is nothing quite like it.

What we witnessed in the jungles were incredible music performances from Black Coffee, The Martinez Brothers, and Wizardy, the b3b set from Damian Lazarus b3b DJ Three b3b DJ Tennis. The production featured immersive art installations, secret areas, disco balls hanging from trees, and tons of lasers that bounced against the trees. From the afternoon until the following day, music lovers seeking something new enjoyed the enchantment and the delight of Day Zero Festival 2022.

What we loved most is the energy and the uniqueness everyone brought with them to the experience. The people are what make Day Zero extremely unique and special. Everyone that we encountered was pleasant and extremely kind and outgoing. It’s hard to encapsulate the full experience in photos, but here are just some that we think to represent Day Zero really well. If you’re ever looking for something different and magical, Day Zero Festival would be it.

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Title: Photos: Inside Tulum’s Magical Day Zero Festival 2022
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