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BeatsSACHI’s ‘Wildfire’ Gets a D&B Makeover by Ekko & Sidetrack

SACHI’s ‘Wildfire’ Gets a D&B Makeover by Ekko & Sidetrack

In the realm of Electronic Dance music, it’s not every day that a remix breathes new life into a hit track in a way that feels both revolutionary and familiar. Yet, this is precisely what the Australian duo Ekko & Sidetrack have accomplished with their latest foray into SACHI‘s beloved single, ‘Wildfire‘. Known for its ability to command an electric response from audiences worldwide, ‘Wildfire’ has long been a gem in SACHI’s discography. However, in the hands of Ekko & Sidetrack, the track ascends into a realm of pure bliss, wrapped in the high-energy, polished sheen of Drum & Bass.

Elevating An Anthem

The secret sauce to ‘Wildfire”s intoxicating appeal lies in its infectious chorus, a hook so powerful it could single-handedly ignite festival crowds. Ekko & Sidetrack, with their refined craftsmanship, amplify this element through a seamless Drum and Bass overhaul. The result is nothing short of euphoric, transforming the track into a brand-new anthem that maintains its original heart while inviting listeners on a rejuvenated auditory journey. This remix isn’t just a song; it’s a higher-tier moment of gratification.

The Architects Of Sound

Ekko & Sidetrack are no strangers to the spotlight, having captivated millions of listeners worldwide and boasting a consistent following of over 250,000 monthly listeners on streaming platforms. Their knack for blending deeply meaningful vocals with standout instrumental mastery has not only defined their unique sound but also cemented their status as rising stars within the Drum and Bass sphere and beyond. With a discography peppered with signings to prestigious labels like Viper Recordings and Circus Records, the duo’s trajectory is a testament to their unwavering growth and influence in the EDM landscape.

A Journey Of Rhythmic Conquest

As Ekko & Sidetrack gear up for a packed schedule, including a full European summer festival tour and a highly anticipated US tour in the fall, their remix of ‘Wildfire’ stands as a beacon of their artistic prowess. It’s a bold declaration of their ability to reimagine, transform, and ultimately elevate a track to unparalleled heights. This remix does not merely serve as a testament to their technical skills but also underscores their passionate dedication to pushing the boundaries of what electronic music can be.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of EDM, Ekko & Sidetrack’s remix of SACHI’s ‘Wildfire’ is a vivid reminder of the power of music to connect, transform, and transcend. As this track blazes its way through speakers around the globe, one thing is clear: Ekko & Sidetrack are not just remixing a song; they’re igniting a movement.

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In 2023, Australian duo Ekko & Sidetrack, composed of Jeff & Jonathan Hansen, released their debut album Nostalgic for Reality through Viper Recordings, marking a significant milestone in their careers. Known for their energetic and emotive Drum & Bass productions, the brothers have gained widespread acclaim, sharing stages with industry titans like Sub Focus, Pendulum, and Andy C, and receiving support from heavyweights such as Dimension and Friction. Their music’s inclusion in the Counterstrike video game further exemplifies their growing influence in the Electronic music scene.

Ekko & Sidetrack’s journey from Perth to global recognition is a story of relentless passion and hard work. Their tracks have been featured on major platforms like Liquicity, UKF, and Circus Records, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide with their vibrant and uplifting sound. Notable releases include the highly streamed ‘Paper Birds’, featuring Ruth Royall, and a celebrated remix of What So Not’s ‘The Change’, showcasing their ability to blend poignant melodies with powerful basslines.

2024 is set to be an exhilarating year for the duo, with a full European summer festival tour and their debut US tour planned to come soon after. Their recent successes, including sold-out shows and critical acclaim for their remixes, indicate that Ekko & Sidetrack are on an unstoppable ascent in the Drum & Bass world. For blog writers and fans alike, the story of Ekko & Sidetrack is not just about their past achievements but also the anticipation of what’s next in their thrilling journey.


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