Shapov Stuns With Future Rave ‘New Dimensions’ EP

Russian electronic producer Shapov has a new four-track future rave EP out now titled ‘New Dimensions‘. This showcases his acclaimed future rave sound that definitely takes you to new dimensions. After nearly six months, he’s back with long-time friend and collaborator NERAK on this. We see its release on Armada Music.

This EP contains floor slammers and collabs with Sam Bagira, plus two solo offerings. The resounding synths will echo in your mind all day long. ‘Cornerstone‘ starts off the EP with a big room build-up followed by a drop into a techno style rhythm. The melody features punchy drums and arpeggios. ‘Inside The Rave‘ carries a darker tone, minor in melody. Robotic vocals invite you in as the future rave bassline continues.

Dark In The Light‘ is with NERAK and it is a bouncy dance track. The melody pulls you from one end to the other, breaks for a calm second and plays a lighter tune. Then it slowly builds up, and up, and up until it stops and fades into darkness. ‘Resolution‘ caps the EP with the collab with Sam Bagira. This one shakes the playlist up with some eerie sounds never heard before. But excitedly brings you a future rave to a club setting.

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“Shapov and I are both Russian producers, but our music differs a lot stylistically speaking. For us, that was an interesting starting point for a collaboration. The result of that team-up is ‘Resolution’, which sports a brand new rave sound that combines our various skills and shared feelings in one track! We’d been developing this new sound in the studio for a while and we’re happy to finally share it with the world!”

Sam Bagira, on ‘Resolution’

Check out what Shapov is all about and listen to his new EP below.

Shapov – New Dimensions EP | Buy/Stream

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By: Nina Chiang
Title: Shapov Stuns With Future Rave ‘New Dimensions’ EP
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Published Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2022 17:23:30 +0000

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