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BeatsSLANDER Pyro Sets Off Fire Sprinklers in Atlanta

SLANDER Pyro Sets Off Fire Sprinklers in Atlanta

This week in Atlanta, the Coca-Cola Roxy witnessed an unexpected twist during SLANDER‘s Chimera Tour. As the crowd was immersed in the beats and the atmosphere electrified, the flames that were part of the production set off the venue’s sprinkler system. The indoor pyrotechnics, meant to enhance the show, turned into an unintended water feature, casting a somber tone on the event. This occurred fifty minutes into the duo’s set, so at least fans were able to get a fair amount of their set in. Regardless of this fact, having your favorite artists set cut short is never a fun experience.

A Concert Cut Short

Fifty minutes into their set, the sprinklers, triggered by the pyrotechnics, brought an abrupt end to the show. The disappointment among the audience was palpable as Slander, in an active decision, had to cut the performance short by a whole hour. The music that had promised to ignite the night extinguished prematurely, leaving both the artists and fans disheartened.

Navigating the Aftermath

In the aftermath, Slander expressed their regret on social media. The artists conveyed their love for Atlanta. Additionally, they assured fans that they were working with the venue to provide credit to ticket purchasers. Despite the setback, the hope of a makeup show is sure to come. With this comes redemption and a chance for fans to experience the full glory of the Chimera Tour. If you’re curious to see what happened, check out the Reddit post below. Additionally, you can check out this post by @AtlantaEDM below.

Slander Rained Out (NO SPOILER)
byu/Fuzzy-Eye-891 inEDM

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You can check out Slander’s official statement below. Be sure to follow their official socials for more information. Their official website can be found, here.


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Title: SLANDER Pyro Sets Off Fire Sprinklers in Atlanta
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