Subtronics Got Help from John Summit for his Kx5 ‘Escape’ Remix

In his EDC Las Vegas performance, Subtronics dropped his new remix of ‘Escape‘ by Kx5 and Hayla. The dubstep DJ played the song alongside deadmau5 and Kaskade, the duo that forms Kx5. As you can see in the videos below, Subtronics was joined by deadmau5 as he and Kaskade crashed his set. The three producers then hugged it out before Subtronics and surprisingly deadmau5 himself jumped on the decks in excitement over the heavy bass reimagining of the March single.

Little that we knew is the awesome backstory behind the remix. Subtronics shared on Twitter how John Summit helped him get his hands on the stems of the original track.

I need everyone to quickly give John Summit a round of applause. I was so busy prepping for FK and RRX that the Kx5 stems actually expired and I was completely convinced I had lost the opportunity to remix the song and I was legit panicking. Like 10 minutes later I saw a video of John playing an absolute banger remix at Coachella. So on a whim, I slid his DM’s for the first time ever, asking for stems just hoping he’dd reply. And he sent them !!! Thank you John for making this remix possible cuz it almost didn’t happen!

Obviously, Subtronics was really happy that John stepped in for him. The latter replied to his tweet in a very funny way.

It’s so great to see artists come through for one another like that. Maybe we will see a collaboration between the two greats in the future, which could be very interesting.

Stay tuned for more news!

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By: Alex Belisle
Title: Subtronics Got Help from John Summit for his Kx5 ‘Escape’ Remix
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Published Date: Thu, 26 May 2022 15:13:17 +0000

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