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BeatsSultan + Shepard & Panama Execute New ‘Falling Behind’ Flawlessly

Sultan + Shepard & Panama Execute New ‘Falling Behind’ Flawlessly

Had a rough year? Fear no more, as the Canadian Duo Sultan + Shepard will heal you with their newest release ‘Falling Behind’, joining forces with the beautiful vocals of Panama. The song forms part of the duo’s new project ‘Endless, Dawn’ that will release March of 2024. The duo have made themselves one of the most iconic producers under Lane 8’s label This Never Happened. Moreover, this upcoming LP will furtherly install them as a melodic powerhouse. This is a serene showcase of their Melodic style and Progressive roots, and along with Panama’s Indie style, this song will make you float away into Nirvana. Furthermore, the track followed the release of ‘Under The Surface’ with Nathan Nicholson. Both songs are equally amazing and open a lot more expectations for the album.

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Falling Behind

The track is a beautiful composition with a mellow beat and a soft melody, however it carries a lot of emotion and passion. The minimal vocals reverberate with a powerful echo that resonates with melancholy. You can picture yourself wandering an expansive and quiet desert with nothing but a compass and determination to find your way home. The song has a significant atmospheric element that feels intimate and vulnerable. All in all, the song conveys a very sentimental rawness that will allow you to decompress and process all your emotions. Stress? Gone, Anxiety? Soothed.

Endless, Dawn

The grammy nominated duo Sultan + Shepard keeps delivering amazing tunes on their Dialekt Radio show on SiriusXM Chill, and they just finished their latest tour Forever, Now last month. Moreover, this collab with Australian producer Panama will definitely ring the new years as they prepare more performances for Proper NYE in San Diego and Lights All Night in Dallas. Even more exciting news, the duo announced they will be playing a live tour for their next album. The chills you will get from hearing the next album live will be otherwordly.

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By: Jay Seabrook
Title: Sultan + Shepard & Panama Execute New ‘Falling Behind’ Flawlessly
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Published Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2023 15:06:11 +0000

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