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EDM LifeThe Chainsmokers Light Up Halloween Weekend In NYC

The Chainsmokers Light Up Halloween Weekend In NYC

What a freaking show! Halloween in New York City is often special. However, this year was special with The Chainsmokers headlining at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The show was the full experience marked by an array of stellar performances and mesmerizing installations. The venue, vast and sprawling, provided the perfect backdrop for a night of musical and visual spectacle.

One of the most impressive aspects of the event was the Halloween installations. These installations were masterfully crafted, creating an eerie and immersive atmosphere. They were so realistic that it was hard to distinguish the props from real people hiding among them, adding an element of surprise and delight for the attendees.

Forester’s performance was a revelation. Their set was impeccably dialed in, demonstrating their absolute control over the crowd. They played their unreleased collaboration with NYC native Jai Wolf, “When I Fall Asleep,” which filled the venue with a sense of awe. It’s a rarity to witness producers who are not only great at their craft, but also possess the charisma and stage presence of accomplished DJs. Forester’s performance was a testament to their multifaceted talent. The Chainsmokers have a reputation for recognizing and uplifting emerging artists, and this event was no exception. They provided a platform for these rising stars, showcasing their commitment to fostering new talent in the music industry.

the chainsmokers halloween nyc

Dillon Francis, known for his dynamic and high-energy sets, lived up to his reputation and then some. His opening set was nothing short of phenomenal, marked by a mix of heavy beats and his signature humor. The visuals accompanying his performance were both hilarious and captivating, reminding everyone why Dillon Francis is a beloved figure in the electronic music scene.

The Chainsmokers themselves delivered a set that was nothing short of spectacular. Their visuals took the production value of the show to unprecedented heights. The audience was visibly thrilled, jumping and dancing with excitement throughout the set. The combination of pyrotechnics and a stunning dragon visual created a truly unforgettable experience, aptly termed ‘mental’ by the ecstatic fans.

In summary, The Chainsmokers’ Halloween show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard was a grand celebration of music, art, and community. The event was a harmonious blend of terrifying Halloween installations, awe-inspiring performances by Forester, the comedic brilliance of Dillon Francis, and the unparalleled energy of The Chainsmokers themselves. It was an evening that encapsulated the spirit of Halloween and the essence of live electronic music, leaving attendees with memories that will last a lifetime.

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