The Road to Dirtybird Campout: Going Full Circle with Arnold & Lane

At one point in time, your favorite DJs and producers were festival attendees themselves, inspired to get on the big stage by the artist performing in front of them – this too is the story of Arnold & Lane. Attendees at the last Dirtybird Campout, the duo has truly come full circle as they prepare to take the stage at a festival where they were once faces in the crowd. Their newest track ‘Snooooo‘ will be featured on the Dirtybird ‘Campout Compilation’ (out now) alongside label boss Claude VonStroke and heavyweights Harry Romero, Black V Neck, Ardalan, and more! We had the opportunity to sit down with Arnold & Lane to gain some insight to their rapid rise in the scene, their unique sound, and their upcoming performance at Dirtybird Campout!

Photo by Dirtybird

Walk us through how you guys became ‘Arnold & Lane’ – Where/how did the journey begin and when did you first realize you had something special on your hands?

A: Well, we have been very good friends for many years now and have been roommates for years as well. We both bonded over our mutual love for Night Bass and Electronic Music in general. Everything fell into place when we got a track signed to a record label. We were like “here we go!” I think the moment I realized that we had something special going on was when I started seeing the public reception/support to our songs.  

L: Like Arnie mentioned, we’ve been close friends for a while now… After realizing we had a shared commonality for music, we began nurturing our love through creating together and pushing one another to improve our production skill sets. We realized that we had something special because of our unusual connection being completely opposite, and how our ear for music complemented one another quite well. 

You guys have had impressive releases, remixes, and gigs throughout your career. What would you say is your proudest moment of the project? Is your proudest moment attached to something other than music and gigs? Perhaps something deeper?

A: I think the proudest moment of our career for me so far was our first full EP on Dirtybird.  We’ve looked up to the label for a long time, and it was a dream of ours to release an EP with them and it happened back in May!  Also, the support we’ve received from some of our biggest influences has been crazy!  

L: Thank you! Proudest moments lie in our first records with Night Bass and Dirtybird. We idolized both labels for a very long time and to watch it come full circle for us was an incredible feeling. And traveling nationwide to play our music has been a special experience for me. As Arnie said, watching your idols support your music was somewhat of a spiritual experience as well – haha!

As we’re finally getting back into the full swing of live shows, how has this transition affected you both on a personal level? From over a year of livestreams to going back to full-sized festival and club performances, has there been an adjustment period?

A: Before the pandemic hit, we got a small taste of what touring was like.  We played a few shows out of state, but then COVID hit. We worked very hard on music during COVID and ended up securing some solid releases so once lockdowns and restrictions started lifting, everything started happening very fast.  It has definitely been an adjustment period balancing music as well as personal life as we still have to go work a day job!  Overall, being able to travel the country and play records for people has been a dream come true. 

L: It happened so fast it was hard to fully comprehend how much of a change it was going to be until I began to experience an emotional bottom. Traveling on the weekends, every weekend, then going into work Monday through Thursday has definitely pushed me to my limit. But I’m grateful for every second of it. We’ve been working most of our lives to take our music to the next level, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s finally showing some tangible results. Currently in the adjustment period now but I feel more assurance that we won’t need the day job if we keep the momentum. So it’s all just temporary madness for now. 

Photo by Arnold & Lane

Your style is one that pushes the boundaries of house, tech, breaks, bassline, and booty – how do you describe your sound/style? Any artists or styles you draw inspiration from?

A: Our sound to me is funky, fun, and weird. Walker & Royce, Chris Lorenzo, and Sage Armstrong have always been very big influences on me.  

L: Cheeky, Fun, and Sassy. I love how our project cross blends a lot of styles across the board. We love it all, so we often feel inclined to make it all. Our brand is simply all inclusive and wants to party haha. I draw influences from Walker & Royce, Chris Lorenzo, Tipper, Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, Commodo, Geode, just to name a few – and endless non-electronic music artists. 

This is your first Dirtybird Campout!! How are you feeling? When did you find out you were playing and what was your reaction?

A: Beyond excited!! We were attendees at the last Dirtybird campout, and I remember thinking to myself how awesome it would be to be playing that stage and everything has really come full circle. We found out we were playing a few months ago, our manager called us on a three way call. I was at work, and when he gave us the news I ran outside and was running in circles from excitement LOL.

L: Elated. Joyous. As Arnie mentioned. We attended the last, looking upon the mainstage, we told ourselves that we’d be up there someday. Didn’t realize that it would happen so much quicker than expected! 

What are some fun facts you think your fans should know about you?

A: I love nerdy stuff.  I collect comic books and am a big fan of marvel superhero stuff.  

L: We’re both sober. A fact that many people find interesting. I love to surf. Obsessed with deep/dark/uk dubstep. Steely Dan is my favorite band. We both produce/write basically 50/50 of the Arnold & Lane project. We often complete projects together, or entirely on our own accord.

Photo by Dirtybird

Where do you see your career going over the next few years?

A: Hopefully playing big festivals, touring more, and making more dope tunes. The goal here is to make music a full time gig!  

L: Festival circuit baby. International? Definitely quitting the day job. 

What is some advice you’d give to up & coming artists that hope to achieve the kind of success you’ve worked so hard for?

A: Don’t give up. Use rejection as motivation to be better.  Continue to learn/hone your craft even if you’re already crushing it.  Find yourself a circle of like minded friends who are on the same path as you and also working towards the same goals.  

L: We have failed so many times. Our demos have been denied many times. Just keep trying. Have fun. Be different. I often fall victim to this, but don’t compare your music to the industry mega standard. It will quickly become quite discouraging because the more you try to sound like someone else, the harder you will find that your tunes aren’t going to the next level of where you want them. By all means, referencing tracks for sonic value is a good tip, but stick to what makes you feel good without trying to sound like the next person. Last advice is simply create, create, create. Even if a track isn’t good, you’re still learning and expanding your knowledge while navigating through the DAW and thinking up sounds. One more thing, don’t sell yourself short – know your worth!

Arnold & Lane clearly love what they do, and they are definitely good at it! Their story demonstrates how hard work and persistence can truly make dreams become reality. We can’t wait to see what’s in store next for them – starting next week at Dirtybird Campout! Their latest track ‘Snoooo’ is now available on Dirtybird’s ‘Campout Compilation’ 2021!

Featured photo by Arnold & Lane

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