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EDM LifeThis is the Mysterious Talent; Ben Shawaer

This is the Mysterious Talent; Ben Shawaer

Ben Shawaer’s mysterious and enigmatic nature not only curates but upholds his powerful identity within Electronic Music today, marrying his unique persona with a hard-hitting, powerful sound, his presence on the scene continues to be marked out. As he ensures that the cloaked veil that surrounds him never slips, it seems surprising that such an unknowable talent has made such striking waves across the genre; however, with music that speaks for itself, it is Ben Shawaer’s impressive signature sound that keeps captivating fans: a musical dynamo in the world of Electronic Music, this creative innovator no doubt commands attention, demanding that genre lovers take notice of his dynamic energy and remarkable music.   

Followed by a sense of intrigue and secrecy, Ben Shawaer’s character can perhaps only be defined by the music he offers; emotive in sonic makeup, his productions consistently present intricately detailed soundscapes, exciting in energy and unmissable in sound. With such a unique style, it seems only fitting that Ben Shawaer’s creative process be just as original; different in the approach he takes, it is surely his perspective on music production that leads to him creating such smash tracks time and time again. As his passion and love for his craft appear as the driving force behind his creativity, Ben Shawaer has developed a production process unlike that of his peers within the genre; sitting down in the studio, he starts from scratch every time, discounting the use of templates to ensure that his music remains distinct and unparalleled to any other.   

With a vast variety of creative inspirations, drawing from all the music and sounds he has experienced throughout his musical journey, Ben Shawaer’s signature style most certainly stands out. Not just taking musical motivation from the work of other Artists within Electronic Music, his palette extends to the orchestral sounds from films and video games, incorporating the music of Rock, Disco, Funk and Classical. As he continues to develop his own sound, innovating and elevating his tracks as he discovers fresh and exciting ways to be different, Ben Shawaer’s musical potential seems ever-expanding; with an eclectic range of influences, it seems only natural that his music appears as a culmination of his diverse and varied inspirations, immersing listeners in engaging and mesmerising soundscapes with each new release. 

Although his personal life remains unknown, hidden from the spotlight, one thing is clear, this talented Producer possesses a passion, determination, and drive that can only position him on a path to reaching audiences worldwide, accumulating numerous milestones successes as he goes. A true rising star on the scene, Ben Shawaer’s future shines bright, continuing to carry promise as he keeps impressing with new productions and exciting collaborations.  

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By: Rian Whitfield
Title: This is the Mysterious Talent; Ben Shawaer
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Published Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2024 11:16:14 +0000

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